Our Mission

We strive to empower students to learn from instructors they can trust, courses that are readily accessible, and mentors they can connect with. We call this Kindling Curiosity.

Shared Interest

Kindling Curiosity is an organization created by eight sophomore students at Montgomery Blair High School. We currently offer free one-hour virtual lectures and Q&A sessions via Zoom on subjects like competitive math, debate, English language arts, Python programming, web development using HTML and CSS, ballet, history, and biology. Our classes are primarily geared towards kids in elementary and middle school. By providing classes in topics often not taught in the classroom, we wish to inspire kids beyond what they might already be learning at home while school is out. We also hope that by essentially acting as mentors to our younger students, instead of as instructors lecturing at school, we can encourage shared passions in these topics.

Personalized Learning

Kindling Curiosity was born during the unique and stressful time created by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the adults in society are worried about sustaining their families, kids are also placed in a difficult environment. Students who pay attention to the news have been impacted, worried about the ever-rising death toll due to the coronavirus. To help our younger students navigate through this hard time, Kindling Curiosity is here to encourage students to learn something they are interested in, as well as brighten their moods and lower their stress levels.

Join a National Platform

Thus, in the creation of this program, all of us developed our own syllabi and course outline, and every week we assign optional homework to students interested in practicing new material learned during that week’s session. We want to use this platform to reach students nationwide to create a shared, relaxed learning environment for everyone during this trying time. Despite not knowing what will happen in the future, we can still stand in solidarity as a community of young people waiting to construct a more intelligent and happy world for tomorrow.

Kindling Curiosity has students from all over the country! We hope to continuously expand our offering of classes and encourage more kids to learn with us.