Giving back to Doctors and Nurses Worldwide

In addition to motivating students to keep learning, we also want to raise awareness for the doctors and nurses who are at the frontlines of the pandemic that has taken over the world as we know it. They face an unknown contagion that has taken hundreds of thousands of lives and continue to go to work every day despite lacking the sufficient personal protective equipment to defend themselves. They work long shifts, sometimes without eating or drinking the entire day. They protect and care for us every single day. We want to show our love and support for our healthcare workers by fundraising for the CDC Foundation. All donations will be directly transferred to the CDC Foundation through the GoFundMe platform. We want to thank these heroes for taking life-threatening risks to preserve our safety and well-being. Together, we can get through this difficult time. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Donate using this link.

Passive Charitable Donations

If you are unable to donate directly, please consider Tab for a Cause. Tab for a Cause raises money for charities by displaying advertisements each time you open a new tab. These non-intrusive ads generate revenue for the group, who donate a portion of this money to a charity of your choice. Their website can be found here.